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    DOCOMOMO-US Greater Philadelphia advocates for and creates awareness of Modern Sites, Buildings, Neighborhoods and Landscapes.
    Our Mission:
    To stimulate interest in and educate the public about Modern buildings, sites, neighborhoods and landscapes.

    To act as a watchdog when examples of Modern buildings, sites, neighborhoods and landscapes are in jeopardy and advocate for their appropriate protection and preservation.
    To make a register of important Modern buildings, sites, neighborhoods and landscapes to be preserved and documented.

    To exchange knowledge and ideas about architects, Modern buildings, sites, neighborhoods and landscapes and to share techniques about their documentation and conservation.

    Docomomo International

    Docomomo International, founded in 1988 in The Netherlands, has national chapters in 69 countries and a membership of over 2000 individuals. It is an important presence in conservation and in architectural culture, worldwide, working in partnership with other international organizations, national governments, and regional and national associations.

    Docomomo US

    Docomomo US is the working party of Docomomo in the United States. It is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization, a union of regional chapters that share its members' knowledge of and enthusiasm for the Modern Movement, promote public interest in it through lectures and walking tours, and organize advocacy efforts to protect endangered sites and buildings.