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    Ott Camera

    Status: Protected

    The Ott Camera building at 6901 Castor Avenue was designed by architect Allan A. Berkowitz and constructed in 1955 for original owner Joseph C. Ott's neighborhood camera supply and film rental company. The building was a large addition to Ott's existing private residence, adding a high-profile retail storefront to a growing business that had previously operated out of an office in Ott's home. In both its form and materials, Ott Camera is a significant local example of a particular mode of modern commercial architecture that first took root in America during the Great Depression, slowly germinated in architectural journals and trade magazines during World War II, then fully blossomed in the consumer-oriented boom economy of the postwar era. Representative of a style often called "Main Street Modernism," its design reflects the migration of modern European design trends (as well as the migration of expatriot European architects themselves) into an American landscape increasingly shaped by mass production and mass consumption.

    In March 2016, a nomination was prepared to list the property on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. In June 2016, the nomination was accepted by the Philadelphia Historical Commission and listed on the local Register.