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    Robinson Building

    Status: Protected

    The former Robinson Store at 1020-24 Market Street is a rare surviving example of the early work of architect Victor Gruen (1903-1980), now widely considered one of the most influential and significant commercial architects of the twentieth century. Designed in 1946 in collaboration with then-wife and partner Elsie Krummeck (1913-1999), a notable designer in her own right, the Robinson Store was one of at least a dozen unique modern retail shops the couple designed for the California-based Grayson-Robinson chain of budget womenswear retailers in the 1940's. A handful of these stores, including their lone Philadelphia design, were widely published in architectural journals and contributed to Gruen's rising stature as an innovative and influential modern architect. The Robinson Store is the only example of Gruen's work in Philadelphia, and one of the only surviving Grayson-Robinson designs anywhere in the United States.

    In early 2016, a nomination was prepared to list the property on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. In June 2016, the nomination was accepted by the Philadelphia Historical Commission and listed on the local Register.